Useful Links To Do Business In Uruguay

We would like to report to you some useful links that could help you if you are planning to enter the Uruguayan market.


Uruguay XXI

It is the national agency responsible for the promotion of exports and investments. The site is very well organized and contains all the necessary information for those who want to export or invest in Uruguay.
Do not miss the “information center” section which contains many interesting reports.

PWC Tax Summaries

Overview about the Uruguayan taxation system.

The World Factbook

Information provided by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).

Globartis Country Data

Our overview about the Uruguayan market.

We wrote also a specific article about Doing Business in Uruguay.

International Trade Administration

The Uruguay commercial guide made by the US Department of Commerce.



Our business platform to find International business partners.

Uruguay XXI

We recommend the Uruguay XXI website again. You can find all the news about trade fairs and business meetings. Moreover, there is a directory of Uruguayan exporters.


The list of the foreign chambers of commerce in Uruguay.

Premise: the list is not very extensive, this is because many countries have decided not to directly open a chamber of commerce in Uruguay. However, the country is followed by the chambers of commerce which are based in neighboring Argentina.

Cámara de Comercio Argentino – Uruguaya (Argentina)
Cámara de Comercio Uruguay-China
Cámara de Comercio Francesa de Montevideo (France)
Cámara de Comercio Uruguayo-Alemana (Germany)
Cámara Uruguayo Japonesa de Comercio e Industria (Japan)
Cámara de Comercio Paraguayo Uruguaya (Paraguay)
Cámara Oficial Española de Comercio de Uruguay (Spain)
Cámara de Comercio Suizo-Uruguaya (Switzerland)
Cámara de Comercio Uruguayo-Britanica (UK)
Cámara de Comercio Uruguay-EEUU (USA)

Globartis Research

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