Why Is Important To Have An Updated Company Website

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Having a nice business website is extremely important nowadays.

It is the first thing that a customer or a potential business partner sees about your company (social media are not enough).

The website is the showcase of your business and it must be beauty and updated!

Surprisingly, most of the startups (with less than 10.000€ revenues) have a better and nicer website than small and some medium enterprises? Why?


Forget about pharaonic quotes from 20 years ago. Today everyone can do a beautiful website without any knowledge about graphic or software developing skills.

I am speaking about a normal website in which a company present:

  • Products/Services
  • About us and history
  • Team
  • Contacts

It is full of tutorials on the internet. Just search: “how to do a website with WordPress”

Technically speaking it is very easy, the only difficult aspect is to create proper pictures and text to insert to describe your products and your company.

It is important to insert in the website pictures of your products, office, factory, exhibitions and trade fairs in which you have participated, etc.


I give you some indication of the prices of Western Europe.

  1. I can do everything by myself: 50€ for a nice WordPress template (some free ones are also good) + around 50-100€/year for the hosting
  2. I have the picture/text, but I need technical help from an agency. In general, if you are ok with a standard design (just change the colors): 500€-1,000€ + around 50-100€/year for the hosting
  3. I want to delegate everything to the agency (even the creation of pictures and text): 1,000€ – 3,000€ + around 50-100€/year for the hosting

When you speak with a web agency, you should ask them “I want a company website made with a WordPress template”.

Of course, the price may vary depending on your request/needs, for example, if you need a professional photographer to take pictures of your products. Or if your catalog includes hundreds of thousands of products and you need a specific description/pictures for everyone! (in that case, the cost can be considerably more expensive compared to the cost we have written above).

I would recommend doing always the “English version” of the site. Why?

  1. Once you made a website, it is extremely easy to do the English version. You just have to translate the texts in English.
  2. It is true that Google Translate is easy to translate the entire webpage in a different language. However, often Google does not translate correctly the technical terms that are specific for one sector.

IMPORTANT NOTE (MUST READ): making a website con cost you 1,000€, 10,000€, 100,000€, 1,000,000€ or more! The prices that I gave you are about a standard b2b website that is only visual. The standard classical website with About us/Our products/Team/Contacts/Our story.

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